Improved Appearance:  Insulation covering exposed air conditioning and plumbing lines gives a finished appearance to any commercial or industrial building.

Process Control:  A properly specified and installed insulation system on bare process lines and equipment can increase the efficiency of a process system by as much as 95% or more.

Noise Control:  Insulation reduces the level of both exterior and interior noise by preventing transmission of exterior sounds to the interior of a building, and by absorbing reverberating sounds within a building.

Condensation Control:  Insulation with a good vapor retainer controls condensation and limits corrosion on cold piping, ducts, chillers, and roof drains.  Sufficient thickness is needed to keep the surface temperature above the dew-point temperature of the ambient air.

Personal Protection:  By reducing the surface temperature of hot piping to safer levels, insulation protects workers from hazards and injuries, resulting in increased worker safety and a reduction in downtime due to injury.

Environmental Protection:   Insulation reduces energy consumption, meaning that less fossil fuel is burned to produce that energy.  This, in turn, decreased the amount of polluting gases such as carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide emitted into the atmosphere.

Impressive Return on Investment:  A properly designed and installed insulation system provides an excellent return on investment and quick payback through cost savings.  Insulation is a low-risk investment because the savings and the payback can be forecasted with a high degree of accuracy.

Energy Savings:  A properly designed and installed insulation system immediately reduces the need for energy and results in significant savings over the lifespan of a commercial or industrial building or structure.

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